615aa7a3400db306d30db08d4a924132Our church is a wonderful community of Christian brothers and sisters who gather to worship together every week. It takes a COMMUNITY of people working together to provide a wonderful church worship experience for you and your family. As members of the Body of Christ, we need EVERYONE to help – men, women and children!

Gethsemane initiated The Angel Program – a coordinated way for each member of our congregation to select one month of the year, that best fits their family’s schedule, to volunteer their services to keep our church functioning. In this program, everyone has an opportunity to do their part to serve the church during one month of the year of their choice. The Angels volunteer to assist with each worship servers (greeters/users, lectors), to provide
coffee an’ each Sunday (bake, serve, cleanup), and to help keep the church building and grounds maintained (shovel, mow, upkeep and repairs). For each month, we also need an Angel Coordinator to schedule the Angels of their month, to volunteer for these services. We welcome new members and families to our church and invite them to join our Angels at Gethsemane!

We ask everyone to sign-up in one of the following ways, for your Angel month of choice and the help you are willing/able to do:

Fill out this form and return it to the office or email the information below to: brenda@gelc.org

Name(s):   Please list all family members






2nd Email:

Please pick the month you would love to be an Angel:

January     February    March   April    May    June    July    August    September    October    November    December


___YES! I will be an Angel Coordinator


I/we are willing to help with:



___Coffee An’ Setup/Cleanup/Serve

___Coffee An’ Baking

___Building/Grounds Maintenance

___Funeral Setup/Cleanup/Serve

___Funeral Baking

___Call for Funeral Helpers