Can You Buy Two?

Did you know that our food pantry, located right next to our fenced in yard, right outside of Pastor Amy’s window, is visited¬†each and every day? Did you know that many, many people in our area will specifically walk by our¬†pantry (and Community Clothesline) to see if anything is available? This food pantry has become a welcome addition to our neighborhood!

When at the grocery store, ask yourself, “Can you buy two?” Can you buy one for yourself and bring a second to the church’s food pantry? We used to see our grocery cart, by our back door, full to the brim with food donations. We are hoping for that again in the very near future! Our neighbors need our donations. They need some of those basics that we sometimes take for granted. Let’s fill our food pantry AND our grocery cart (to use as a reserve) by asking ourselves, “Can you buy two?”

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