The church office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28th and 29th, to observe Thanksgiving.


Gifts for Range Transitional Housing Friends

We will have the Range Transitional Housing listings ready at the church on November 7. The change from family listings to individual listings worked so well last year (Thank You, Sheila Vandervort), that we will do it that way again this year.

Call the church office or pick up a tag at worship starting on November 8. Gifts need to be back at church for distribution by December 14. Please wrap and label each gift with the family number and individual identifying information.

Our church family is so generous and follows God’s work through service so well! We are the only sponsoring group that has ALWAYS fulfilled our gift wish lists!

Thank you, Bless you, Stay Well!

Cindy Lustig


Warm Your Heart Community Clothesline

Fall is here and before we know it the winter season will be upon us. Now is the time more than ever to consider contributing to our Community Clothesline. 

Do you have extra winter jackets? Warm Socks? Mittens, gloves, hats? Blankets? Colder weather is here, and folks need some help staying warm. 

You can help your neighbors by putting each winter item in a plastic bag to keep it dry, labeling it (for example, “child hat, size M” or “men’s jacket, size XL”), and clip it anywhere on the ‘clothesline’ [on the fence] on the west side of the church. Clothespins are provided.

The Community Clothesline is accessible at all times (24/7) from both the north and south parking lots. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN ~ TAKE WHAT YOU NEED. Let’s do what we can to help our friends and neighbors.

Community Ministries

Ways to Serve Our Neighbors


O God, from you come the gifts of our bodies and minds, our skills and abilities, and the opportunities to use these gifts in sustaining our lives and in helping our neighbors. I pray for my neighbors. Surround them with your never-failing love; free them from restlessness and anxiety; protect them, in every situation; and renew us all as we face the opportunities and challenges of daily life and work. Amen.


+Offer to mow, shovel snow or help with outdoor household projects.

+Deliver Meals on Wheels.

+Serve meals at the Salvation Army Soup kitchen. 


+Salvation Army in Virginia: 218-741-1889 or Salvation Army Website

+Quad City Food Shelf: 218-749-1371 or AEOA Food Shelves

+Community Clothesline: Gently used or new clothing, non-perishable foods, hygiene supplies, etc.


Gethsemane’s Gifts

Have you been blessed by the congregation of Gethsemane? Has a group of friends within the church reached out to you in a time of need? Have you been given a blessing through the church anonymously? Have you felt the love of Christ through your relationship with our church? Are you willing to share this story with Gethsemane?     

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please call the church office and let us know! We will contact you with the specifics and ask that you write your story – we can help with spelling and grammar if need be. If you would prefer that your name be anonymous we can do that too. We want to highlight all of the Gifts that Gethsemane has so generously shown now and in the past!


Gethsemane Prayer Team

We at Gethsemane believe that the power of prayer comforts us when we grieve, gives us hope in times of sickness, helps us celebrate “good news”, and deepens our relationship with God. If you have a prayer request, please contact the church at 218-741-4961 or Sheila Vandervort at  

We are always looking for new members so if you are feeling nudged to join a loving and dedicated group of prayer warriors, please email Sheila Vandervort for more information. We would love to see Gethsemane’s prayer team continue to grow. Members of the team are committed to setting aside prayer time daily for God’s people and upon receiving the prayer, to immediately stop and pray, keeping all matters confidential.

Thank you to our current members for your faithful service in lifting up in prayer, those that need strength, comfort and hope and helping others celebrate the victories.