Pastor Nathan will be leading a series of classes on the Sacrament of Holy   Communion. The classes are for both elementary school students AND their parents. Parents are heavily involved in the learning process and ought to attend with their child. On Maundy Thursday, April 13, 2017, we will have a Passover Meal for the families and First Communion will take place during the Maundy Thursday worship service.

Since the 1980’s, first Communion here at Gethsemane has taken place at the fifth grade level. The trend in the Church is to move to a younger age, especially since the Roman Catholic Church has set First Communion at the second grade level. Right now, we leave it up to the parents to determine when their children should begin receiving Holy Communion. The guidelines are that the communicant: 1) is a baptized member of the Church; and 2) has some sense that they are receiving Christ in the Sacrament.

2017 Schedule:

March 19          Sunday             10:00 am      Meanings

March 26         Sunday              10:00 am     Scriptures and Passover

April 2              Sunday              10:00 am     Sacraments

April 9              Sunday              10:00 am     Forgiveness

April 12           Wednesday       6:30 pm       Bread-baking and Set-up

April 13           Thursday           5:15 pm        Passover Meal for family

April 13           Thursday          7:00 pm        Maundy Thursday Worship with First Communion