Gethsemane Prayer Team

We at Gethsemane believe that the power of prayer comforts us when we grieve, gives us hope in times of sickness, helps us celebrate “good news”, and deepens our relationship with God. If you have a prayer request, please contact the church at 218-741-4961 or Sheila Vandervort at  

We are always looking for new members so if you are feeling nudged to join a loving and dedicated group of prayer warriors, please email Sheila Vandervort for more information. We would love to see Gethsemane’s prayer team continue to grow. Members of the team are committed to setting aside prayer time daily for God’s people and upon receiving the prayer, to immediately stop and pray, keeping all matters confidential.

Thank you to our current members for your faithful service in lifting up in prayer, those that need strength, comfort and hope and helping others celebrate the victories.

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