Worship Three Ways

  •  Re-gathering in our sanctuary  
  •  Drive-in and listen on your car radio
  •  Facebook Livestream


The congregation council has voted to begin worship in-person in our sanctuary, starting on Sunday, October 4. Please self-assess your health and be prepared to follow the guidelines listed on this site as you consider attending worship indoors. If, at any time, the local schools switch to online only instruction, indoor in-person worship will be suspended and only the drive-in/livestream worship options will continue.


Services will no longer be conducted outdoors. However, you may drive to church and listen to the service happening in the sanctuary on your car radio. We will continue to broadcast on 104.5 FM. The best place to be able to hear the service will be in the north parking lot (next to the garden, sanctuary, and office). This remote option has the benefit of being able to see or visit before and after worship with members who are also attending in their cars and those who attended indoors.  

Facebook Livestream

If you have not already “liked” us on Facebook, please go to Gethsemane Lutheran Church’s Facebook page and do so. On Sundays at 9am, go to our Facebook page and click on our live stream for the worship service. If you contact the church office ahead of time, we will email you the bulletin so that you may print it off and follow along at home. 

Efforts have been made to fix sound issues and we will have a camera operator to turn and point the camera at what is happening during worship.