Updated Policies re: Covid Precautions

Our Council, at the recommendation of the SMART Team, has approved these new policies for stepping down from our current COVID precautions: 

Step 1: when state mask mandates are not in effect (this happens NOW)

  • – masks optional in all church activities If you are not vaccinated, you are encouraged to continue wearing a mask.
  • – remove COVID signage from around building/bulletin pages, and discontinue building sign-in for contact tracing Hand washing and “cover your cough” signs will remain in strategic places.
  • – Coffee An’ may be served outdoors at the discretion of the Angel teams.

Step 2: when the following county-level guidelines are met: (mostly likely would happen by fall, unless there is a local outbreak) *Guidelines in italics have been met as of 6/15/21*

  • ~ Daily new cases per 100K are less than or equal to 10
  • ~ Infection rate is less than or equal to 1
  • ~ Positive test rate is less than or equal to 10%
  • ~ Percent of eligible population vaccinated is at least 70%

Then… return to “normal” church procedures which include:

  • – open all pews in sanctuary
  • – serve communion at front with bread and cups of wine/grape juice (wearing gloves or with obvious and frequent hand sanitizer use)
  • – resume indoor Coffee An’ and funeral luncheons

After step 2 is achieved, if the county-level statistics spike, we will move back to step 1. If the state reissues the mask mandate, we will reinstate all Yellow level precautions.

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