Warm Your Heart Community Clothesline

Winter has come to the Iron Range. Now is the time more than ever to consider contributing to our Community Clothesline. 

Do you have extra winter jackets? Warm Socks? Mittens, gloves, hats? Blankets? Colder weather is here, and folks need some help staying warm. 

You can help your neighbors by putting each winter item in a plastic bag to keep it dry, labeling it (for example, “child hat, size M” or “men’s jacket, size XL”), and clip it anywhere on the ‘clothesline’ [on the fence] on the west side of the church. Clothespins are provided.

The Community Clothesline is accessible at all times (24/7) from both the north and south parking lots. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN ~ TAKE WHAT YOU NEED. Let’s do what we can to help our friends and neighbors.

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