We are looking for people to come to the church garden (you will not need to enter the church) to ring the bell each day at Noon for the month of May (for more details, please see Pastor Rebecca’s column). The bell will call us to prayer. Wherever you are, please stop what you are doing and pray. If you are too far away to hear the bell, or as a reminder, consider setting your watch or cell phone to remind you. If this is something you can do, please call the church office to sign up. You can do just one day or choose a day of the week (i.e. every Saturday). If you live in town, perhaps you would like to walk over. If you are out of town, maybe that day you could combine it with grocery shopping or other essentials you are picking up. Please remember to social distance. Only come with people in your own household. Please wear gloves so as not to touch the clapper (tongue of the bell) which you will need to swing to make the bell ring.