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What is it and how do I use it?

Give Plus is an App that you will be able to access and donate to Gethsemane through a quick, simple, and Secure digital payment channel. If you would like a quick no-hassle method to donate, then this method is for you! With just a few simple steps to set up and in the time it takes for the collection plate to go around, you have made your donation.     

First things first -Go to the App Store and download the Give+ app. Once downloaded and opened up, provide your email address, Organization Name (which would be Gethsemane Lutheran Virginia MN), name, etc. You then will provide a password that you will want to remember. You can provide several ways of giving (no account, credit card, debit, etc.)     

Once you are set up, it literally takes under a minute to donate. *Password or Fingerprint *Select the frequency you would like and then select the amount. Select “Next” and method of donation. The next window will ask for verification and then ask you to select “Complete Donation”. The next window will thank you and provide a confirmation number.     

That’s all there is to it! Ask me questions. Sheila V.

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